Bishop Carlos Simon, Sr.


Bishop Carlos O. Simon, Sr. is a man anointed by God with a vision.  His life was predestinated from his mother's womb to be called to do a work for God.  He was born September 13, 1957, to Richard and Bertha Simon.  He was baptized at the age of nine and later received the blessed gift of the Holy Ghost.  

In September 1984, he married Donna Hairston, together they have five children, Carlos Jr., Jessica, Carlisa, Joseph and Joshua.  Pastor Simon is a devoted husband and father to his family.

He served faithfully at the Mother Church of the Way of the Cross Church in Washington, DC.  Bishop Alphonzo Brooks, appointed him deacon in the church.  He worked as a backbone to the pastor in supporting the ministry.  He served as chairman of the soul winning ministry, a sunday school teacher.

Carlos Simon was called into the ministry in 1991.  On October 12, 1996 Pastor Simon was installed Pastor of Galilee Way of the Cross Church.   Pastor Simon is a praiser, he believes in giving all he has in the worship and praise.  He serves on the General Board of Bishop of the Way of the Cross Church of Christ, Int.  He is the General Bishop over the Nurses Unit of the National WOTCC and Gulf Coast Diocesean. He has a vision to reach those souls that are seeking for God in their life.  He loves singing his favorite song; I Won't Complain!


Lady Lisa Simon


First Lady Lisa Simon born to the late Bishop C.W. and Mother Dorothy Hairston in 1961 in the city of Danville, VA.  She worked in the ministry of her father's church Jerusalem Way of the Cross Church in Rocky Mount, VA.  Lady Lisa enjoys playing the trombone.  Her creative abilities have enhanced the ministry in many ways from the children's ministry, decorating, music and the business aspects of ministry.

Lady Lisa serves as a active Missionary, Clergy Wives President, Vendor Chairlady and Southern Regional Missionary Vice President of the Way of the Cross Churches, Int.

Her profession as a Custom Hat Designer has been a blessing to her and her family.  You can find Lady Simon

always abounding in the Work of the Lord.  She knows that her labor of Love is not in Vain.  God has been so faithful to this Woman of God.  Her husband and children praise her in the gates.  Her favorite saying is, "Get It Done"!  All the Glory and Honor belongs to God!